Tuesday, March 1, 2011

rasa bersalah.. SEBAB?

SEBAB aku xdatang kelas tadi!! hahahaha! dasar pemalas kan. uwekkkk.
tlampau excited mau cek ptptn kan, tu la malas tu. durang rici lagi bawa p 1b tgk wyg.. naaa.. ngam la tuu.. :))

well, my day started beautifully. Before, i used to get up at 6.30am because i need to get done my hair for 30min. which originally curl but i'm dying to make it straight everyday as possible! i'm suffering baby, hahaha! but  since 2weeks behind, i get up at 7am and i seldomly iron my hair anymore. and somehow, idk why i hate talking to my roommate, urgghh i hate his voice! truly annoyed me every time he starts talking. asdfghjk :X

you know what? i got so manyyyyy things to share with but i don't think someone would give a damn. maybe later things gonna be just fine. living in this cocky world really annoys me most of the time.

how i wish there's some one who's truly understand me. :(