Friday, August 13, 2010

Fasting month fever! :)

Salam ramadhan peeps..

today is the 4th day of fasting n it's saturday..yaiyyy..what else sounds more excited than "it's saturday guys!"..?? hahaa..n here i am, with my blankymind knowing nothing what shud i compose..

Mkayy.. this year will be my last year to celebr8 fasting month with my peeps..gonna miss them next i remember for the past 2years, it's so much more interesting when we all gathered..yeahh..yeahh..i miss themm..~

As for my fams, there's nothing more -imissyou-thing i can describe faithfully from my heart!
i'm fcking miss them!~

Btw, i still have 3 more hours to -sungkai-.. patient, rilex..
i'm not thinking about food r8 now..seriously..hahahaha~

So long..:))