Friday, August 13, 2010

Fasting month fever! :)

Salam ramadhan peeps..

today is the 4th day of fasting n it's saturday..yaiyyy..what else sounds more excited than "it's saturday guys!"..?? hahaa..n here i am, with my blankymind knowing nothing what shud i compose..

Mkayy.. this year will be my last year to celebr8 fasting month with my peeps..gonna miss them next i remember for the past 2years, it's so much more interesting when we all gathered..yeahh..yeahh..i miss themm..~

As for my fams, there's nothing more -imissyou-thing i can describe faithfully from my heart!
i'm fcking miss them!~

Btw, i still have 3 more hours to -sungkai-.. patient, rilex..
i'm not thinking about food r8 now..seriously..hahahaha~

So long..:))

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2nd day posting!

Hye y' is the second day i'm posting..hihihi..
currently at CP with richie n Khai..baru jak abis makan nasi ayam td..huhu..ari ni teda la pa2 yg special sgt..temankan c richie p beli tiket jak utk blk keningau..Uwaaa...teda la kawan aq d uma nee..huhuhuh..

Biarlah, aq pun ada latihan menari jg mlm ni..hihihi..lama da xmenari..muscle2 pun agak kerass uda yewrr...Hurmm..(apa lagi mo di report ah??)

Oh yaa..cuaca hari agak tintong sedikit, kadang panas..kadang ujan..bgitu jg la aq ne..kadang ok..kadang ko..hahaha..well, artiss kan..(:

Oh yaa(sekali lagiii)..ari ni aq ketemu dgn kwn lama aq..DianaY..hahaha..makin gedempol dia skrg..n crita punya crita punya crita...dia maw p s' tuu! Tp, biarlah kann..hahahaha..i still have to complete my diploma first..then baru la bole p jalan2~~weee..:)

Bah, smpi cni saja la report utk ari ni k..teda jg org maw amek kisah pun..hahaaha..(habuwttt)

p/s: aneedsB~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sangat !!Rojak!!


Hye y'all..
Hurmm..(:, let's start this..
I'm a new-comer in this "blogging-thing" n yet i dunno what exactly i need to post right now..hahaha..!
Okay, today is June 16th and i had something -dizzying- in my head! I just can't find sum1 to talk too about this matter, so i decided to create a blog n express everything here!
But still, i dunt have any idea how to start posting things..Duhh!
(i hate being a sophomore!)
Shall i say "Hye!" ?? Introduce myself?? Naaahh.. It is unnecessarily needed..((:!
Owhh, BTW, u guys can call me "J" makes u easy to remember me!

p/s : aneedsB~