Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hye y'all..
Yeahh..so, let's start this..
I'm a new-comer in this "blogging-thing" n yet i dunno what exactly i need to post right now..hahaha..!
Okay, today is June 16th and i had something -dizzying- in my head! I just can't find sum1 to talk too about this matter, so i decided to create a blog n express everything here!
But still, i dunt have any idea how to start posting things..Duhh!
(i hate being a sophomore!)
Shall i say "Hye!" ?? Introduce myself?? Naaahh.. It is unnecessarily needed..((:!
Owhh, BTW, u guys can call me "J"..it makes u easy to remember me!

p/s : aneedsB~

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  1. Opss..sorry for the "grammar-error" !